Sunday, 20 April 2014

Oh, go on then, have a nibble!

Or two. Or many, and then wash it down with bottles of wine, or cans of lager. As you probably know, in December 2012, I've looked in the mirror, in front of which I'd stiffly waddled in my my stand-in-only jeans and my reflection stared back at me in disgust. Yep, I'd got far too fat for my own liking and my tight trousers--all of those I owned--had become far too uncomfortable. I've always said that I'd refuse just buying bigger clothes as it's not the solution to the problem: my rising like a dough.
So I did what was necessary: followed the less (eating) and more (control and activity). I started by walking (quickly) for an hour every day, and core, arm, and leg exercises, then began with skipping; bought a road bike which made cycling even more fun, took up boxing, and the kilos just dropped. Slowly, but steadily. In about a year, I'd lost 15kg, which is quite a healthy way of losing weight. But from then on I struggled to lose more. I've got roughly ten more kg to lose, which shouldn't be this hard since I got into a routine of cycling for hours a few days a week (I get quite agitated if I can't go for a ride), but my habit of eating/drinking when I'm upset has thrown weight into the other bowl of the scale. Fortunately, I haven't gone backwards, thanks to my exercising, but I haven't gone forwards either. Standstill--a most frustrating experience--particularly for someone with ADHD. I lack impulse control and, combined with alcohol, it means I get this 'don't care' state of mind. No idea why I struggle to keep it up since I'm not dieting, or denying myself anything. I'm not a fan of either, for that only creates cravings. I blame Kettle for their rather delicious seasonal Lime and black pepper crisps and the breweries, whose lager just seems to run down my throat after long rides on warm days, or the cool deep yellow juice the Chardonnay grapes produce. Oh, heck, I blame everyone who lures me with their tasty offerings. No, I'm just taking the mick here. I know I need to rein it it, summer's almost here, I've started my own business, and there's nothing to be upset about. If only I could find the reins now ...

So, kids, my advice is: don't try this at home, because if you have too much of this:

You'll soon look like this:

And want to do this:

If you find some Easter eggs, give them to those you don't like. :-)

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