Thursday, 6 March 2014

Help, a dragon's on the loose!

In my flat! I had to take care of some online business and the sun was literally pouring into my living room, so I let Zorro roam around a bit. He loves exploring and, as mating season seems to approach, gets a little unsettled in his own house. It's also a good opportunity to take some new pictures post them. He's grown so much and is beautiful to look at with his orange-coloured legs and spikes. Unfortunately, my mobile can't capture the colours as well as the naked eye and the turquoise subtympanic shield (the big scale on his jowl). 

He's been a gem most of the past year; a massive relief as I was really out of my depth for a while when he continuously attacked me and I had to make a trip to A&E. I always dreamed of having an iguana his size (or bigger), but reality is harsh when you're chased around your own home, or can't go near your animal if he's hurt himself. His calming down makes life a lot easier and I'm glad to have stuck to my guns when people advised me to get rid of him. 
It's been a while since I was able to have him sit next to me on the couch without it ending up in a blood bath. 
By the way, talking of green/orange: I took the opportunity to show off my beloved Werder Bremen jersey from 2004; it's signed by the whole team, including coach and manager. Yes! I used to hold a season ticket and every weekend was dictated by football.  

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