Monday, 17 February 2014

A year is 28cm

or 11 inches. That's the combined number of cm lost around my belly, arse, and legs. I'd started--sort of--in December 2012, with going for easy walks in the snow and eating a bit more controlled, but the what I called 'exercise regime' started in January last year. I'd got into the habit of floor exercises to whip my abs into shape and wake some of the other muscles from their slumber. Luckily, muscles have memory and my abs was very quickly nice and firm--albeit not visible under the masses of fat, but I knew it was only a matter of time, even though I doubt I'll ever be 'ripped' as I don't find it attractive. Not in men, and not in women. And I like my curves to be honest. However, after I'd reached my 10kg goal in May, I stopped going round the park as 1. it bored me stiff, and 2. I had terrible shin splints, only aggravated by skipping when I took up boxing. Skipping is one of the best fat burners there is. Excellent for HIIT and only a few minutes every other day will do wonders. I mostly did 10 to 15 minutes and lost more weight than in the first few months of walking an hour a day. Plus, skipping is fun and easy to vary. If you're not hopelessly terrible at coordinating feet and hands, that is. I still have some 'tricks' to learn, but I'm doing not too bad. If only it weren't for the damn shin splints. Nasty.
Anyway, shortly after, I stopped all exercising, just riding my bike to and from the shop, working as a mechanic. Okay, that's quite a good workout for your arms and chest, but that's about it. Surprisingly, I kept losing weight; not as much as I'd lost beforehand, but still a good result. In December last year, I started to go on longer rides on my red bike (one to three hours with a few sprints in between) to get back into training. I'm currently in the progress to lose the next 10kg till May and it's going rather well. For the first time in years, those ugly fat rolls on my back are melting, dareisay, they're almost gone. (Yay.), and it shows in my face, too.

Like last year, I've started to keep a diary of my weight loss in cm, as it's a far more accurate tool than a scale. As soon as you exercise and build muscles you put on weight, but everyone knows that.
The results of my trusted tape measure are as follows:
Belly: 12cm (4.7inches)
Arse: 9cm (3.5inches)
Legs: 5cm (1.9inches)
And that's 15kg (2.3 stones) to you and me. Most certainly not a massive amount, but it shows. And it has been fun so far because I haven't denied myself anything. It's not a diet, but a lifestyle change. All I needed was to move my backside a bit more and boy, do I love it! Today, I was wearing a thick jumper under a jacket which I've had for a few years now; nothing special you may think, but that jacket was always a tight fit with a thin zipper jacket underneath. Today, I still had some space in it! Just wonderful. Unfortunately, most of my fat sits smack bang at my belly, the worst place health-wise, as I'm sure that my poor organs have quite a layer around them, too. Fortunately, it can be reversed and that's what I'm working on.
I've got 5kg to go till May, then another five till end of this year and I'll have achieved my personal target weight, which will put me right in the middle of my personal healthy weight bracket.
And that means I'll have lost 25kg (3.9 stones). Can't wait!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Restless, my ADHD is getting the better of me

I haven't cycled properly for a few days; first it was just miserable out there, windy, cold, rainy, then I got ill and didn't even feel like getting up. Today, though, I felt a tad better and the sun made a proper appearance, beckoning me to come and play. I decided to go for a nice and easy ride with a member of my cycling club and we went through the city, enjoying the weather. When we came back I felt like I could do more, but cautioned myself, knowing I need to be up and fit for the academy tomorrow. However, I felt jittery, as if fireworks are about to go off. Weirdly enough, while riding, a car overtook me too close for comfort, apparently he was about 20cm (8inches) away from me, but it left me cold. I said to my companion that if I lost my cool about such a thing I'd be a busy girl.  Normally, on a full-blown ADHD day, I'd got my knickers in a twist and would have cursed after him, loudly, while shaking my fist. Then again, I generally know when it's such a day, which this one isn't. At least not one of those aggressive ones, but more a 'putting my foot in'. Thinking of it, it looks like I'm finding myself in a series of ADHD days. Just on Thursday I was introduced to a very nice man called Bob. The person introducing him was about to tell me who Bob was and started with: Bob's ... when I, without thinking, opened my mouth and blurted out, 'You're uncle!' earning me two pairs of confused looking faces. Ehem. Yes, it was rather impulsive (and admittedly funny), but as uncontrollable as a tick. No idea where it even came from. Luckily, Bob and I had some good conversations about bicycle mechanics and all was fine. As I said, a very nice man.
So after the ride today, I went to my regular local bike shop to see what's happening and saw that a girl who's worked there on and off, had her new spd pedals on her bike and here I go again: totally uninvited the words tumbled out: 'Oh, you've got your new pedals, gee, they're soo ugly!'
I could have just kept it shut and not say anything, right? It's not that she asked me what I thought of them. We joked a little about my ... how can I put this ... honesty and she was fine, but it brought home again that living with ADHD can be a bit of mine field. My quick mouth has got in trouble on more than one occasion and I'm sure I've hurt some people along the way. Never intentionally, that's not the kind of person I am, but sometimes I say things that make me wish for a transporter beam to get me out of this precarious situation I've managed to manoeuvre myself into. Incidentally, I've shot something at the owner of the shop, a man I very, very much like, which was meant to be banter, but a tad tasteless, I think. Luckily, he knows me well enough to see I wasn't being serious, at least I hope so, but I'll have to double check tomorrow.
And the feeling of something's going to erupt didn't stop there; at home, I settled down for dinner, just to get up again, then sit down, and get up, sit down and get up. I just can't find the calm to keep my arse on my sofa. I got up to clean my smudged glasses, but instead go to the loo, wash my hands, hang the laundry, make a tea, get back into the living room, sit down and try to remember what it was I wanted to do in the first place. Then get up again to rummage for a piece of paper I documented my weight loss last year, since I wanted to look for it anyway, find it, sit down and start comparing figures, then get up again, because I finally remembered I wanted to clean my glasses. Done that, I'm finally sitting down, wanting to watch a documentary, but am forced to get up again, because I just can't sit still tonight. A hot chocolate and another time sitting down later, I'm abandoning the documentary to write this post. I feel that if I have unsolved issues, I'm far less likely to calm down until they're resolved. ADHD, uh? One must love it as there's never a moment of boredom.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

What's wrong with you people?

I'm ill--a strange combination of flu and cold, which had me sleeping, sneezing, coughing, and whinging all day yesterday and, although I think I still have a fever today, I felt much better and braved a cycling trip to Dalston. A mistake, by the looks of it, as I'm having shivers again. Just great. Being ill ain't all that nice, and I can't go for a ride, therefore I'm a foul mood. Originally, I'd planned to go on a short ride with one of the members of my cycling club, but it seems this guy is as reliable as leaf in the wind. He's now repeatedly promised to come on a ride with me, yet cancels time after time. I've now decided to not take him seriously anymore, no matter how hard he tries! It's not the only disappointment, to be honest. I'm fed up to here (imagine my hand going over my head) with people making promises they don't intent to keep. One person promised me I'd be the first to be called once there's a need for a mechanic, yet now I 'm learning I'm considered among others, and it's unlikely to be taken on. Another person promised me a job back in November, things went a bit wrong with that shop, they've now packed it in and I never heard of them again. I was told I can build wheels for another shop, that offer was never discussed after that. I recently went out for a coffee/beer, where we were talking about the opportunity to rent a container together, and that guy seriously made it sound like it was his idea when, in fact I approached him since I know the person who rents the containers. I've been sending updates about the funding for my business, yet I heard nothing. What's wrong with you people?
Admittedly, I may not be the easiest person to deal with as I'm passionate and I'll go for it when I want something badly enough. I may jump ahead of myself, but equally am able to rein myself in. And in the case of wheel building, I didn't show evidence of having a firm grip on the task -- for many reasons, but that doesn't mean I can't do it. At least talk to me about things. If you don't want me to do it, then say it and don't leave me hanging. All this non-communication is pissing me off. Royally!
And don't get me started on people who think my lack of experience as a mechanic means they can use me for free to their own advantage. Not going to happen, I'm afraid. It's my choice to help out, and that usually happens when I offer; expecting me to spend a few hours of my time without being paid is rather rude. So fuck off! I have to pay rent, too, you know?
Those, and many more incidents led me to the conclusion I'm way better off doing my own thing. I hate people who break their full-mouthed promises. If you can't be arsed to keep them, don't make them. Well, at least I know now where I stand and you watch out: payback time will come, and when you need me urgently, you may feel the repercussions of being such an arsehole to me in the past. Manners and common courtesy don't cost a thing!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Some expressions are better than others

I think I shocked the world today. Okay, not the whole world, but definitely the world surrounding me. Everyone who knows me is aware of my not being keen on children. Never have been, never will be, hence my decision not to have them. In case you're thinking I'll change my mind once I'll meet the right guy (often cited argument when I won't budge from my opinion; trying to convince me that I'll be a happy mum some day): don't. It's a pointless waste of time trying to argue with me. And since I've got those two running kids living downstairs, it's got a bit worse with my dislike for children. Although the girl doesn't seem to mind; as soon as she sees me, she comes running and hugs me. Not really sure why I deserve this, but hey, I'm a hugger, too, which means I can relate, because I also hug people I like, whether they want it or not.
Moving on. I had to go to Noah's for a tricky freewheel situation. His wife was there, and so was his newest addition to his family, born in December, if I remember correctly. It was hilarious when Noah asked me if I'd met his youngest, saying, 'You'll like this one, he's really quiet, and friendly.' I grinned and asked his wife if I could hold him. I think she was scared for his life, wondering if I'd bite his head off or something. Nah, far from it. Babies I can deal with (for five minutes), and this one was just as the father promised. If only all children were like that, I'd be a lot more relaxed. His brother isn't such an angel, cries far too much for my liking, but hey, I'm not the one having to live with that, right?
Anyway, we got the freewheel situation under control and I went home to my very own 'baby', who, as soon as I opened the door to the vivarium wanted to get out and have a nosey around the flat. Needless to say I didn't let him. That 6kg dragon can cause quite a bit of havoc with his tail--or body in case he decides to jump at someone/something. I thought I'd share the two pictures. When I looked at them I had to laugh out loud as my, as well as the baby's expressions look somewhat between Oh, shite, was that a bomb going off? and Crikey, I think I just shat myself.
Just fantastic! I find I look far more relaxed with my scaly friend, but it's worth a laugh.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

I got pranked!

My beloved red Viscount
And I wasn't amused. At all. Despite my normally sunny nature and good sense of humour, I seem to have left my ability to laugh at home when I visited my local bike shop before I went for a ride. Okay, I had a bone to pick with them and basically went in and straight for the throats, which had them in stitches. It appears I'd also left my expression 'I mean business' at home and came across like a little hissing kitten. Doh!
In their defense, they didn't do anything wrong; it was more of a personal issue and I needed to get that off my chest. As you know I'm quite the outspoken person and if I feel upset about something I'll bring it up--sensitive little flower, me.
Because I didn't plan on staying, I simply leaned my bike against the wall, smack bang in the way. You could go past it, but it wasn't ideal. Once I had said what I wanted to say, I left for the loo and when I came back Alex was busy with a customer and Brian with a bike, while Jesse worked away in the back. That's when I realised my beloved bike was gone. I checked outside at the back, assuming Alex had put it there, but I couldn't find it. It wasn't inside the shop or the back with Jesse either. Now Alex had gone outside with a customer and I thought he may have taken my bike to ride along, but he came back with empty hands. So where was my bike? I started to get really anxious as it means the world to me, which the guys know, and they could tell my edginess. Not that they'd cared. They were having way too much fun and carried on, telling me nobody was in the shop front when I was in the back to the loo and, apparently, the pub next door has always dodgy people around (not true, it's a decent old-fashioned establishment), but you never know. My panic rose and I demanded to get my bike back. Now! They said I
Two culprits 
should ask in the pub and, from Alex's winking at Brian, I had a feeling it may just be a joke--which I didn't find funny the slightest. With smoke coming out of my ears, I stomped into the pub and told them the guys were taking the piss. The woman behind the bar looked rather confused, and when Brian entered behind me, grinning, she said, 'Oh, but there was a guy just here, saying you sent him to pick it up and bring it back.'
Brian's face fell and I lost the plot, now really worried about my bike's whereabouts. And I did something uncharacteristic for me: I took off, almost taking the pub's door out of its hinges, loudly cursing. Brian followed shortly after, laughing, asking me if I'd like to have my bike or not.
The wonderful woman was in on the prank, but decided to give Brian a taste of his own bitter medicine, which had worked. Well done, I'd say. And so deserved. I still wasn't amused and needed that 3-hour ride badly. It took me about an hour to get it out of my system, before I could forgive them their cheekiness. In all fairness, I deserved it, parking my bike where it's in the way, and the guys knew they could do it with me, even though I wasn't a good sport yesterday.You can only love such a great bike shop, who have plenty of humour, and if they're not playing pranks or tease me, they're actually looking after me rather well.